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Working in partnership with Solartime UK we are specialists in solar panel installation, we can help reduce your electricity bills whilst also allowing you to earn money from the feed-in-tariff which is government backed, index linked for 25years. With solar panel installations Nationwide, we can help you?make sound investments for your future and reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar Electricity can be installed on most building types including:

  • offices
  • warehouses
  • factories
  • farm buildings and many more

Energy prices are predicted to?increase drastically over the next 3 to 5 years!?This is?due to upgrades to infrastructure and government legislation.

Commercial grade solar installations have now achieved true state of the art performance and reliability. Installing renewable energy generating capacity, to offset your electricity consumption, can also mean a smart business decision in terms of insulating your business from escalating electricity costs and carbon taxes.

Nature and its profuse elements provide mankind the very ability to survive. Due to global warming, saving water, electricity and other resources has become mandatory.

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Q. What does the inverter do?
The PV Panels generate direct current (DC), this is not directly compatible with the 240V alternating current (AC) that is used in your property. The inverter converts the DC power to AC power that can be used in your property.

Q. Do I need constant sunshine for my PV system to work?

Your PV system does not need direct sunlight for it to work, even on cloudy days your PV system will still produce electricity.
Interestingly solar panels are particularly suited to British weather as they work better in cooler conditions.

Q. How do I get paid?
Your electricity supplier will contact you once every three months to ask for a generation meter reading. They will then pay you based on this.

Q. Can you fit Solar PV to an asbestos roof?
Yes, but we advise that due to the length of the PV Panel warranty the roof may need to be refurbished first. Grants are available to refurbish asbestos roofs, please contact us for further information.

Asbestos Tax Relief information ? Tax Relief Info

Q. Where do Storm Solar Solutions Install Solar PV?
Storm Solar Solar Solutions Ltd offer a Natiowide installation service.


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