Industrial roofing for modern industrial buildings

Whether you are looking for Pitched Roof Repairs or general Industrial Roofing in the Midlands, you will already have a certain idea about the services you need in your mind. However, many people are not aware about many of the developments in the industrial roofing industry and that new technologies can help their business with more than simple protection against the elements. You might build a new warehouse, a new office building or you might think about replacing the old roof of one of your buildings because it started being in serious disrepair. Whichever your reason is, it is the perfect opportunity to educate yourself about industrial roofing in the Midlands and how a good roof could help you and your business.

Basic and extended functions of a roof

A roof has two basic functions: it protects from the elements and it keeps animals and people from getting into the house from the top. However, businesses should also see the additional functions a roof can provide: it can be a power-saver and even a power-generator if you install solar cells on top of the roof. Any good roofing company can help you with getting solar power on your roof. They will be there to help you through the planning, installing and the maintenance. If you get any work done on the roofs of your industrial building, then you should definitely consider installing solar cells at the same time. In the long run, this will turn out to be an incredible investment that you won’t regret. Solar power is something that will keep on giving long after you’ve paid it off.

New roofs and new materials

If you need Pitched Roof repairs but might think that the roof would be better off being replaced, then you might be surprised about the variety of materials that can be used to build a roof. There have been many developments in the last years and many of the really good materials have been more affordable. Thermoplastic roof membranes are one example and are becoming more and more popular for industrial roofing in the Midlands and are already the preferred material in many places around the world. The thermoplastic roof membranes are ideal for industrial roofing because they are highly reflective and because of that will save you some dollars on your power bill.

Constant innovations

The roofing industry does not ever stand still and there are still many innovations that are currently tested and most likely there will be many other exciting things in the future of industrial roofing, esp. in the area of environmentally friendly roofing materials. If you replace a roof or build a new industrial building, then it will pay off if you make sure that you get the best advice from your roofing company and ask them about the newest innovations and about what is currently the most popular option in the industry. Make sure that you also keep an eye on the option that are good for the environment because this plays a huge role for a business’s image.

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Stand out and use industrial roofing in the Midlands to your advantage

Roofs are something we often take for granted. We simply don’t think much about them. We expect them to be there and to do their job. When it comes to industrial roofing, however, more thought should be put into the roofs on the business buildings. Whether you believe it or not: your roof can actually make a difference for your business and it can make you stand out from your competition.

So how can industrial roofing in the Midlands help you to gain an edge? The most obvious reason is the installation of solar panels on your roof. You might think that the initial costs would be too high but there are many different schemes that can make the financial side of solar roofing very easy for you and your business. A good roofing company will also be able to advice you on everything you need to know about financing. Yes, solar panels aren’t exactly cheap but when you have a look at the long-term benefits and the improvement of your reputation, then the price is truly worth it. These days, you should not underestimate the power of green energy and what your customers think about it.

When your customers see that you have used a good industrial roofing company in the Midlands to get solar panels installed on your roof to produce energy that is good for the environment, then their ideas about you and your company will definitely be more positive than before. People prefer shopping and doing business with companies who care about modern issues ? and environmental issues are very important these days.

Of course, your roof should be in a very good condition before you think about adding any extras. Maybe you need to have some pitched roof repairs done or there might be some minor leaks that need fixing. Problems like that should certainly be taken care of before you do anything else with the roof. Usually, a good roofing company will have a look at your roof before they install anything, they will find all the problems your roof might have and will then talk to you about possible solutions and their costs.

Get in touch with us ? no matter whether you simply need some advice about how you can improve your roofing, how you can install solar-panels and make profits with it or whether you need pitched roof repairs. We can help you will all those roofing concerns and are more than happy to advise you on the best solution for your situation. Our customers have so far always been very satisfied with our services and even recommended us to other businesses. We strive to provide excellent customer service and to help our customers to find the best industrial roofing solutions in the Midlands.

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Pitched roof repairs and fitting in Cannock

Consequences of bad roofing

Problems with roofing belong to the most annoying and troubling issues a company could have with their building. The roof serves as isolation and as protection for what’s inside a building and a lot of damage can occur if a roof fails to deliver the needed protection. A warehouse, for example, in which precious goods like electronics are stored can suffer losses of millions of pounds if a roof is damaged and leaks cause water damage, esp. if the leak is noticed too late. Bad roofing can also lead to high costs for heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. There is a perfect roof for every building but unfortunately, many buildings have the wrong kind of roof!

Why you need to get in touch with a good provider for pitched roof repairs and fitting in Cannock

Whether your pitched roof is already damaged, simply looks ugly or you aren’t sure about its state: It is time to get in touch with a company that specialises on roofing, especially if you have never had your roof checked on faults. Even if you don’t have any problems with your roof, you might want to consider improving the quality and appearance of the roof, e.g. by adding solar panels to it as this can be a long-term investment that will lead to savings in the future and will give your company a better image.

The qualities of a good roofing company

You should take your time to find a company that will be quick, reliable and professional. Of course, you do not want to spend a fortune but you also don’t want a company who does a bad job and might have to be called back a few weeks or even just a few days later. It is important to find a company that really meets your requirements in regards to time, money and quality. This means that you want a provider for pitched roof repairs and fitting in Cannock who works quick, who delivers the best quality and who does so for a reasonable and fair price. You should also check what previous customers of the company have to say of about the quality of the company’s roofing work.

What Storm Industrial Roofing can offer you

Storm Industrial Roofing can help you whether you need a flat roof turned into a pitched roof, need a completely new roof fitted or are in need of pitched roof repairs in Cannock. You can request a free survey and quotation online without any obligations. Storm Industrial Roofing are also happy to help you with advice as they have years of roofing experience behind them and know the best solutions for any kind of building. The professional roofing company will be able to help you to make a good decision because they will provide you with as much information as you could possibly want. They will also be open about how much everything will cost so that you won’t be surprised about the bill you receive at the end. Transparency, honesty, good time management and reliability are top priorities.

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Roofing Specialists in the Midlands

Storm Industrial roofing are proud to provide both roofing and solar solutions nationwide, we also repair and refurbish many different types of roofing.

We work hand in hand with Solartime Uk, we help reduce your?electricity?bills whilst allowing you to earn money from the feed-in-tariff which is government backed.

What are financial benefits of having Solar roofing ?

  • Get paid for every unit of electricity produced
  • Significantly reduce electricity bills
  • Protection from rising electricity prices
  • Increase property value and rental yield

What are the Environmental Benefits ?

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduce your reliance upon fossil fuels
  • Generate your own clean green electricity
  • A typical 50lWp system will save 550 tonnes of CO2 over 25 years

To find out more about our Solar Roofing please click here?



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Solar Panel Installation Cannock

Did you know we now provide Solar Panel Roofing Installations. Based in Cannock we are an ideal location in the Midlands for offering Solar Panel Solutions Nationwide.

We work in Partnership with Solartime UK specialists in solar panel installation in Cannock. We can help you reduce your home or office bills and help you earn money at the same time. With a government backed solar panel feed in tariff you can make money on top of your standard electricity bills.

A solar panel installation is a sound investments for your future and also helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar Panel Electricity can be added onto most building types including:

With energy prices predicted to increase drastically over the next 3 to 5 years it’s the right time to start saving money and making money with a Solar Panel Installation.

If you are a?business looking to make a smart business decision to reduce escalating energy costs and carbon taxes give us a call today for a no obligation chat on how we can help. Solar Panel Installers in Cannock we can serve Nationwide. Give us a call today.

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We’ve moved! – Welcome to Storm House

As part of our on going expansion we have now moved to our bigger premises. Our new HQ is Storm House, Littleton Drive Cannock, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS12 4TS.

The new location is big enough to house our fleet of vans as well as 2 story offices ensuring our expanding sales and support team are always on hand when you need them.

Based in Cannock our central Staffordshire location makes us idea for providing Industrial Roofing services in Staffordshire, as well as easy access to the rest of the UK. If you are looking for an Industrial Roofing solution then give us a call today or feel free to visit our Storm Industrial Roofing Cannock Office.

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Storm Roofing – Desk Calendar 2013

Our Storm Roofing desktop calendars are on their way to our clients as we speak! If you are a Storm Industrial roofing client and?haven?t?received yours then contact us today as we may have your address missing off our files. Or alternatively if you are not a Storm Roofing customer and would like one anyway then get in touch with us and we?ll send you one while stocks last!

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Storm Industrial Roofing – Moving to bigger premises

Christmas is just around the corner and at Storm we are all excited for a new year and new start. In January we we will be in our new location and bigger premises at Storm House. Still based in the Midlands we will have a new large office from which we will be doing our core business and ideally located to provide roofing work nationwide.

At Storm Industrial Roofing our goal is to ensure the best possible service to you, expanding into our new office means you will not only receive our?excellent?industrial roofing service on site but also with support every step of the way from our dedicated office staff.

Keep an eye out in January for details and images of Storm House.

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Industrial Roofers West Midlands

Based in the West Midlands we are in an ideal spot for covering roofing services to the entire Midlands and Staffordshire Area. From our West Midlands based office we provide roofing services to a large number of local business and commercial developments.

At Storm roofing we pride ourselves in our level of service whether it be from guttering to complete cladding solutions you can be sure your building is in safe hands. We employ both fully trained contracts managers and an external advisor’s to ensure all of our developments live up to current legislations which can change quite often. We always ensure we complies to all current legal guidelines provided by the HSE, such as Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations of 2007 where necessary.

So if you are looking for industrial roofers in the West Midlands make sure you give us a call today to arrange a meeting and discuss your requirements further.

Although we are a West Midlands based roofing company the Midlands is by no means our limit, we have provided services for companies nationwide. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you.

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Our new Storm Web Video Advert

Have you seen our latest Storm Industrial Roofing Web Advertisement video yet? It’s on our homepage and about page now.. but if you have missed it then take a peek below. Also don’t forget to leave a comment on our youtube channel or subscribe future video updates

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