Unlike many of our competitors we appreciate and attempt to understand the large numbers of new products that enter the commercial roofing industry on a regular basis and only use BBA or FM Approved systems.

After much vast research and experience we have come to rely upon three main tried and tested products. STORM are fully approved suppliers of all the below systems;

Sharman Plygene Gutter LinersDSCF1229 (Small)

This is a heavy duty jointless system that comes in one custom full length roll which is creased to suit each different gutters dimensions. It is less weather sensitive during installation in comparison to most of its competitors. This results in a no quibble 10 year guarantee.

Kemperol Reinforced Coating

This is an absolutely unique fleece reinforced and cold applied liquid system that offers many benefits including guarantees upto 25 years. It is fully bonded to the underlying gutter and self terminating with no apparent laps. The system is quantifyable and site visits can be carried out by a Kemper representative to approve installations at every stage.

Kemperol is a proven system of over 50yrs and has been installed in highly volotile areas liable to corrosion as it has exceptioal chemical resistance properties within the primer. This system can also be used on flat or pitched roof areas.

Giromax Delvemede Coating

DSCF1227 (Small)

This system has been available for a many number of years and is favoured by architects across the UK. Giromax also offer a well known product called Seamsil which treats typical sheet cut edge corrosion by filleting and briding the laps.

* The system specified and guarantee offered will depend upon a number of factors that can only be best determined upon site visit. These factors can include adjoining roof materials suscepibilty to roof leaks, chemicals, oils and debris (if any) likely to be found congregating in gutters and finally the length of guarantee required by the client.

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