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Whether simply looking to update a dated looking property to attract new tenants, take advantage of tax relief on asbestos removal, improve the look of the customer facing areas, simply make watertight or repair small sections of damage we can offer a specification and price to suit.

Over cladding

0.7mm high quality plasticol coated sheeting is offered with various profile finishes and colours. Superior metsec purlins are used in favour of weaker Z rail systems and cladding quilt insulation is supplied to suit clients requirements.


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STORM Industrial Roofing Ltd only offers high quality composite cladding panels from manufacturers such as Kingspan and TATA, again with panel thickness and design to suit.

If you are unsure of any aspect of your project please get in touch and we will happily offer our friendly advice and guidance.

We can also arrange for product samples to be sent to your site and for you to carry out site visits to similar jobs within your area STORM Industrial Roofing Ltd have carried out where possible.

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