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Asbestos roofing is one of the most fragile and difficult industrial roofs to deal with and requires careful planning in approach and execution in regards to either repair or refurbishment.


Repairs can include but not be limited to; reinforcement tapes such as flash band and hook / J bolt fixing replacements through to Filon Overlay Repairs, and Liquid Applied Coatings.

Full Refurbishments

Refurbishments can include Over cladding with a new insulated steel profiled system or a Full strip and replacement with either a double skin or composite system. A number of precautions need to be taken including structural engineers reports and air monitoring ? all of which we take care of for you.

Over Cladding

There are benefits of over cladding such as it being far cheaper than removal, there is less disruption at ground level, it increases insulation and improves natural light at ground level (as roof lights can be fully replaced) however a negative is the underlying asbestos is left in situ so the old roof can still be seen underneath and it can also provide bidding ammunition for the purchaser should you wish to sell the building in the future as they may typically argue their client will want to remove the asbestos as great cost.

Removal and Relacement

Benefits of removal are all of those gained with Over cladding but get rid of the negatives as you will receive a bright white lining panel to the underside which will bounce the natural light around better and provide the appearance of new roof from below. Working environment below will also be improved as a result of the white liner. Lastly the asbestos is removed meaning the value of the building will be increased and it can also be used and marketed as good PR for your company that you are taking positive (yet costly) steps to help the environment and remove asbestos materials from site. The only main negatives are that it is far more costly than Over Cladding and unfortunately disruptive without careful planning.

Please download the ?Asbestos Tax Relief? information that may result in your company being eligible for significant tax relief set against the removal and disposal of asbestos which will also reduce cooperation tax liability.

In summary if you are considering repairing or refurbishing your asbestos roof contact us for a free survey and unbiased advise.

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